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Temple of Eros
The Retreat

embodiment | artistry | activation

Ibiza, Spain

Oct 28th-
Nov 2nd



Daily Rituals to

Awaken, Activate

& Ignite your

Erotic,  Artistic and Spiritual Essence. 

MEALS a day

Feed your soul and nourish your being with one of Ibiza's most celebrated chefs.  The art of being Fucked open by Food

WILD AWAKE experiences

Beach Baptism

Ceramics Creation 

Sound Bath Journey 

Image by Wesley Tingey

a Journey of WILD EROTICISM,

Your soul is ready for a reckoning, Beloved.

6 days and 5 nights of Tantalizing Ritual and Embodiment to take your Connection to Self  to a whole new level.

There is nothing quite as powerful as a group of women coming together to Ritual. The vortex of Shakti created when we are alone, together, is nothing short of transformational magic. 

Join us for living, breathing, DEVOTION where we will travel through the majesty of our inner worlds through the lens of Artistry, Eroticism and Ancient Spiritual Practices.


We will expressexplore and expand into the many facets of our being through Poetry, Sacred Theatre, Voice Activation, Tantric Embodiment, Sex Magic and so much more.

We, together, will initiate ourselves into a deeper state of Self Worship where everything we are and everything we've experienced will be used as sacred fuel for our ultimate becoming

Our journey together is masterfully created in a perfect arch for your ultimate opening and soul revelation. This also includes 3 WILD AWAKE experiences to explore our senses and integrate our openings on a cellular level.

Are you ready to be fucked open by the goddess, the feel yourself alive and turned on by every part of you?

To be juiced up into the purest state of holy overflow?


We are waiting for you, beloved.

The time is now, become  WILD AWAKE.

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-03 at 19.34.24.jpeg

meet your guides 
rachel  & angel

Imagine being in the hands of guides who know every curve and nuance of the human body and soul. Who have explored the depths of their own sensuality and spirituality, and are now yearning to lead you on a journey of sensual awakening and energetic, embodied empowerment through erotic artistry...

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of tantra and trauma, Angel and Rachel will guide you to unlock the secrets of your own psyche and harness your inner pleasure and power, stimulate your senses, awaken your divine creativity and explore the limits of your sacred being.

Are you ready to surrender to the pleasures of self-discovery and embark on a journey of erotic and spiritual transformation? Then join us and let us show you the path to a life of greater fulfillment, deeper connection, and boundless pleasure.

Beach Sand


One of Ibiza's most loved and revered spaces, Tierra Iris.
This scared site, a natural amphitheater and sustainable farm has been hand crafted with intention and nature at the forefront. 

A space to immerse yourself with the primal, instinctual and innate way of being. Communing with the land while communing with your soul.

Every ritual will take place in these stunning spaces which are held perfectly and tenderly by the land. This will give us a rare opportunity to be immersed in the hum of mother nature while stripping away any illusions that separate us from our true and most holy existence. 

secure your EXPERIENCE


your room

A Haven for you to rest, replenish and soak in the magic of our ritual. 

These spaces are imbued with comfort, silence and direct connection to Nature.


your suite

Luxury and soul rejuvenation as you soak in the magic of our time. 

These spaces are imbued with comfort, silence and direct connection to Nature.


your tipi

A special touch of magic for sacred integration.

These spaces are imbued with comfort, silence and direct connection to Nature.

*AirFare and Transportation to Venue is not included*

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